WestBond has been delivering cost-effective disposable paper product solutions to customers since 1989, enabling us to become a Canadian market leader.

Serving a growing range of industries

While WestBond originally produced a large number of paper disposables for the health care industry, our customer base has grown and diversified significantly over the years.  From hospitality and airlines to personal hygiene products for away from home markets, our customer base has expanded to include industries such as:

  • Away from home – Wide variety of tissue and towels for health and hospitality industries.
  • Clinical – Products range from disposable gowns and pillowcases to exam table paper and drapes.
  • Long Term Care –Patient wipes and underlays are some of our most common products.
  • Hospitality and Tabletop – Our napkins and towels, particularly airlaid products, consistently get high marks from consumers.
  • Airlaid Parent Rolls – With hundreds of potential uses for airlaid products, our paper converter customers are frequent purchasers of our airlaid parent rolls.
Customer service driven by customization, adaptability

One of WestBond’s competitive advantages is our ability to work closely with our full range of customers – from Fortune 500 to local, mid-sized companies – to develop and provide them with custom products to help them excel in their markets.

Our quick turnaround time and ability to adapt our production and converting processes on relatively short notice are things that our competitors aren’t able to do. This adaptability on behalf of customers, as well as our flexibility around packing and shipping our products, has earned us an excellent reputation amongst a wide range of long-term customers.

Our ability to respond with a quote or a product sample in 24 – 48 hours also differentiates us from competitors in a way that customers remember.

Innovation drives product choice

The many decades of experience of WestBond’s management team in the paper converting, product development and sales and marketing facets of the industry have made us innovators in the industry.

From the ever-growing number of uses for airlaid products, to the creative production and sizing of other products in our line, WestBond isn’t a company stuck in its ways. As the only Canadian manufacturer of airlaid parent rolls, we’ve helped customers leverage the competitive characteristics of this versatile base product – including increased absorbency, strength and cost competitiveness –into products that consumers use and appreciate.

And our ability to deliver quick turnaround time along with this innovation is something we’re proud of.

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